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Matthew 5:10: The Kingdom1-heart-on-fire

Monday, April 4, 2022

Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew’s account of the Sermon on the Mount)

Most of us do not welcome persecution or harassment. We do want to open ourselves to the world’s swift and partial judgement. We prefer to remain safely in the shadow cast by Christ’s light, casting no shadow of our own.

God says: You need not look for opportunities to witness in my name. These doors will open for you as you live and grow in me. You need not fear the intensity of my light of truth. This light burns fiercely but does not scorch or burn. The fire of my love for creation cannot be quenched or blocked. The passion of my loving heart cannot be dampened or staunched. Remember that the more you recede, the more brightly does this fire burn. The more you hide, the more extended is my reach and the more intense is my love. My kingdom is a flame that burns yet does not consume and you must accustom yourself to this intense light. By hiding in the shadows, you deprive yourself of my kingdom that heals and consoles, of my love that transforms and restores. Do you want to enter my kingdom? Indeed, you are already there. My doors are always open to you. The invitation is always yours to reject in fear or to receive with joy. Today, as you await the good news of the empty grave, step into my heart that is alight with the fire of love. Be not afraid of this kingdom of passion and flame.

Tomorrow, looking for Easter.

Bradypus-apple-and-pie_B-Cliffe_032515Today as we reflect on the presence of God’s kingdom in our everyday lives, we might choose an endangered animal or biosphere and join with others to do what we can to shed light on the root causes of extinction. If we do not have a favorite cause, we might visit the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica at http://www.slothsanctuary.com/ to find out how a transplanted Alaskan works each day in God’s kingdom.
Or we might visit Global Forest Watch at http://www.globalforestwatch.org/ to become informed. Then, in Easter gratitude to God for the gift and promise of restoration, we might consider how it is possible to change our world for the better.

Heart image from: https://buildingthecontinuum.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/what-sets-my-heart-on-fire/

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