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Ezekiel 13:22-23: Against the Prophets of Peace – Part V

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Deception, lies, conspiracies, delusions, fantasies. Truth, fidelity, steadfastness,
openness, love. The forces of light and darkness are with us always. Ezekiel
warns those who yearn for peace that the journey will not be simple. Jesus
reminds us daily that The Way is strewn with obstacles and traps. Today, as we
prepare to enter the holiest of weeks in the liturgical year, we reflect on the
invitation that lies open to us, waiting for our willing hands to join in the passage
from fear to hope, from gloom to joy.  

“‘Because you’ve confounded and confused good people, unsuspecting and innocent people, with your lies, and because you’ve made it easy for others to persist in evil so that it wouldn’t even dawn on them to turn to me so I could save them, as of now you’re
finished. No more delusion-mongering from you, no more sermonic lies. I’m going
to rescue my people from your clutches. And you’ll realize that I am God.’”

And so, we ask . . .

Are we willing to begin a journey we know will be difficult? Can we discern
the hand of Christ that stretches out to greet us? If we have already begun
this journey, can we gather the energy and the will to again join the caravan
of faithful that go up to Jerusalem each year? Are we ready for rescue? Do we
realize that God is God, the creator and lover of each of us?

Tomorrow, Hosanna and Palm Sunday.

Image from: https://www.theologyofbusiness.com/cease-striving-reasons-to-rest-on-the-sabbath/path-to-the-light/

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