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Jeremiah 50-52

Good Friday, April 15, 2022

Babylon Shall Be Delivered – Part VI

We have read the prophecies against the conquerors. We have witnessed the rebellion and grave misfortune of Zedekiah. We have seen walls tumble as cities are invaded. Families perish when famine sets in. We have gone into exile with Jehoiachin and his people. And we stumble into Babylon, weeping for our losses and pain. We grieve the loss of what was, and we hope for what might be.

As we observe the memorial of Good Friday when Jesus suffers death on the cross for his wayward sisters and brothers, we consider our own deliverance as we pray.

Good and gracious God, when we waiver in our belief that you are all we need, give us your strength.

Good and generous, God, when we tire of our travail and feel ourselves undone by life, bring us your courage.

Good and patient God, when we falter in our confidence in your work among us, send us the deepness of your hope.

Good and tender God, when we see no end to our suffering, deliver us with the joy of your love.


Tomorrow, salvation at last. 

Image from: https://biblestudymedia.com/blogs/daily-lectionary-devotional/god-is-in-the-business-of-deliverance

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