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Matthew 5:31-32: Teaching on Divorce

A widow contruibutes two small coins to the Temple treasury

A widow contributes two small coins to the Temple treasury

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Scholars tell us that there are various opinions on the meaning behind these verses. Compare these verses using the scripture link, and listen for God’s Word.

God says: Just as adultery is difficult to understand, so too is the idea of divorce. It is true that there are some marriages that are abusive and dangerous; and these relationships must be dealt with prudently and prayerfully. Divorce in some cases is a protective link with another, particularly when children are included in these families. It is also true that many marriages might be saved if one or both partners put away pride and anger. In relationships that struggle it is always wise to seek expert advice and counseling. And of course, in all circumstances prayer and guidance are invaluable. Connection with me is always a source of strength and wisdom. Jesus spoke about the abuse of divorce when husbands put away, or even put to death, first wives in favor of those who are younger. In all of these cases, it is important to remember that no matter the event or context, divorce is a rupture to be avoided. It is a break in a union that is meant to be sacred. And it is equally important to remember that I will never ask you to maintain a status that endangers you. Keep me close at all times. Seek advice from those whose opinions and guidance merit your attention. And be prepared to examine yourself as closely as you examine the actions and words of others.

Martha complains to Jesus about her sister Mary

Martha complains to Jesus about her sister Mary

Choose an online or print commentary and reflect on the ideas you find. In this Eastertide, as we celebrate reconciliation and resurrection, use the chart at the link below to choose two or three women in the Gospels. Read their verses, consider the well-know stories, and reflect on Jesus’ words as recorded in Matthew 5:31-32.


Tomorrow, Jesus’ teaching about oaths.

Images from: https://www.gci.org/bible/luke/women 

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