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Matthew 8:5-13: The Centurion’s Servant003-centurion-servant

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Yesterday we reflected on Jesus’ openness and willingness to heal those forced to live apart from the tribe. Today we reflect on his relationships with those who were scorned as overlords. In the Message version of this familiar story, Jesus is describes as taken aback by the centurion’s words. Enter the word Under the Centurion’s Roof into the Noontime search bar and reflect.

Consider both the centurion and his servant as persons and reflect on who they might be to us today. Is the centurion a soldier, a law enforcement officer, an emergency responder? Is the servant one we would ignore when we visit a friend? Is he someone who works for us silently and unvalued? And finally, let us consider who we are: one of the privileged few elite, one of the many downtrodden, one of the scorned or one of blessed.

Image from: http://www.freebibleimages.org/photos/centurion-servant/

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