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Zechariah 14Apocalypse – Part IItrinity knot

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The last chapter of Zechariah’s prophecy makes a momentous revelation or announcement: There will be an end to prophecy. Perhaps this is because with the coming of the Messianic age there is little need to announce the savior who is already among us. Perhaps it is because prophets have lost their place of status. Perhaps it is because people of all nations, including pagan ones, will now worship the Lord. In any case, according to Zechariah, the fight will be over.  There will no longer be merchants in the house of the Lord; false shepherds will have disappeared; the tribes of the world will be reconciled; peace will reign.

Past, present and future merge as Zechariah pulls us out of our mourning for what is over and in the past, away from our fears for the future that has yet to come . . . and into the promise of the present where God is. Let us rely on the holy trinity in our lives on this day in this hour at this moment: marvelous God who created us, audacious Christ who saved us, and passionate Spirit who abides within. And let us want and fear nothing.

Enter the word apocalypse into the blog search bar and explore, or follow the pathways in the trinity know image above and consider not only the interlocking relationship of our three-person God, but the end of false shepherds and prophets, the end of lies and deceit. How do we recognize truth in its fullness when it stands before us? How will we return this truth to the world? 

Tomorrow, Zechariah describes an end to prophecy.

Senior, Donald, ed. THE CATHOLIC STUDY BIBLE. New York, Oxford University Press, 1990.425. Print.   

Adapted from a reflection written on Friday, July 10, 2009.


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