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Tobit 8:5-8: The Mystery of Prayer

Andrea Vaccaro: Tobias Meets the Archangel Raphael

Andrea Vaccaro: Tobias Meets the Archangel Raphael

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

If we ever doubt the power of prayer, we only need to turn to scripture for stories that spark the imagination and lead us to times in our own lives when prayer has linked us in a special way with God’s power to restore and save. If we look at prayer with the eye of superstition and make a prayer a thing that fills prescribed span of time in a designated place, then our goal is to obtain something or someone and bring them into our own plan. If, on the other hand, our prayer is an opening of our hearts and minds to the voice and love of God, then we will more fully understand the mystery of prayer.

In days of trial we lift our prayer to God . . . and wait for answers.

In days of doubt we hide from our fear . . . and ask God for solutions to life-altering problems.

In days of gratitude we bow down in thankfulness . . . and recognize God’s bold strength and tender care.

In days of celebration we leap with joy . . . and tell all the world how great and compassionate and wise is our God.

Today we spend time with a very special prayer. Let us see if can recognize its power in the story of Tobit, Tobias and Sarah. And let us see if we recognize this sane presence of a loving God in our own lives.

When we choose a character to follow as we read the full story of Tobit . . . we might be better able to find the healing grace of Raphael in our own lives.

Image from: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Andrea_Vaccaro_-_Tobias_Meets_the_Archangel_Raphael_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg

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