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2 Corinthians 12:6-10: Power Made Perfect in Weakness

girl power...it was rolling down the hill, she stopped it, I grabbed the camera, what can I say?

Friday, July 15, 2022

Here today we see the words which are so familiar to us that perhaps they cease to penetrate our consciousness. Yes, yes, we say as we nod and read, I know what this means because I have heard this before. But here it is anew for us to examine again.

What perfection does God ask of us? God asks for our persistence and our willingness to become weak in Christ.

Reading the footnotes helps us to understand that our full potential is realized through suffering and that the transformation which Jesus models for us is both individual and apostolic. It is the potential which God has planted in us. It is the fullness the Spirit expects of us. This transformation will take place when we strive for it, and will occur in others all the more quickly when we take this redemptive message to them through our action in Christ.

As we struggle to become ever better and ever more faithful servants, this transformation becomes visible and even audible in all of creation that surrounds us. As we open ourselves to the will of God, we become weak so that the strength of Christ may enter into us.  By becoming small in our ego, we make room for Christ to become one with us.  By giving over our petty worldly power to an unending, perfect and intimate union and communion with God, we become one with the Spirit.  How easy all this all is, if we only trust God.

Adapted from a reflection written on August 10, 2007.

For a better understanding of how we become strong in our weakness, visit the Mystery of Wisdom reflections posted in The Noontimes by using the blog search bar. 

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