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Mark 4:12-25: The Parable of the Lampshining-our-light_med_hr

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Our talents are gifts from God and they are meant to be shared with the community – not hidden and kept away for ourselves. The last verse sounds so harsh, perhaps silly. Its true meaning is that once we begin to share what we have, we will be given the further gift of wanting to share. We will increase, we will convert, and we will find intimate union with God.

If our great fear is fear to commit, then once we begin to commit to others, the action becomes easier. If we do not take those steps toward others, if we build walls, then we will end up with less than we had when we arrived here. We will be alone in our tower – a tower built with our own hands.

Using another example, if we have a fear of paying attention to others because we want all the attention for ourselves, we will never be fulfilled. If, on the other hand, we practice stepping out of ourselves and giving to others, we will receive further gifts which will enable us to truly forget ourselves and do for others. If we do not take these steps, we will end by being alone – separated from humans and from God – and again, all by our own hand.

Fill in the italicized words above with any human fear and Jesus’ message is this: Once we take the steps to convert ourselves in the area where we know we need improvement, we will receive more and more gifts which will empower us to continue our conversion. If we refuse to enter into this difficult process of conversion, we will lack more and more – until we have and are nothing. We will have diminished rather than increased. We will have separated ourselves from God. We will have descended the ladder of Beatitude into a lonely place – rather than ascended it to intimate union with God.

Mark’s Gospel is the most brief and succinct. His descriptions are precise. Jesus’ actions are seen in a clean, clear trajectory of purpose. His words are unadorned and plain, but strong and resolute. Mark’s story of Jesus is powerful.

May the power of these words be with each of you today.

Image from: http://www.gloryknowledge.com/parables/parable-1.html

Adapted from a reflection written on April 16, 2007.


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