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Acts 2: The Coming of the Spirit

Monday, February 6, 2023

Artist Unknown: Pentecost

Artist Unknown: Pentecost

The second chapter of Acts contains the description of the descent of the Holy Spirit and the joy and enthusiasm of the apostles. This bursting forth from the Upper Room, this settling into communal life, this might be the description of the initiation of any intimate relationship that begins with fire and energy to settle into a constant, abiding love. Joy settling into constancy returning to joy again.  This is what we seek.  This is what God seeks.  Why do we so often forget this?

There is an image in today’s MAGNIFICAT Reflection which describes how the tiny particles of smoke fog our vision.  It continues with the thought that as we seek God through the haze, we pray for one another, and in so doing we exhibit our faith and longing for God.  God sees and recognizes this. Father Men tells us that then all of us will ascend toward the Lord, as if holding onto that prayer. This is the main thing – the rest will follow – but this is essential to our lives. Then Jesus, seeing our faith, will say to all those for whom we have been praying: “My child, awake from your sleep and your sickness, from your palsy, your spiritual paralysis; arise, your sins are forgiven you”.

The image of the apostles who gathered in fear and spiritual paralysis in the Upper Room to pray as they consoled one another is strong as we read this chapter of Acts. These early disciples are rewarded for their faith, for turning to God. They receive the Holy Spirit in such a way that their ardor never flags. We, too, receive this Spirit. We, too, are loved. We, too, are lifted up in joy to our God. May our own desire and zeal for the Lord never falter.

A Favorite from March 3, 2008.

Cameron, Peter John. “Meditation of the Day.” MAGNIFICAT. 3.3 (2008). Print.  

Image from: https://faithinourfamilies.com/2014/06/07/pentecost-year-a-the-coming-of-the-holy-spirit/




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