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John 5:17-30The World of Mystery and Miracles – Part II

Wednesday, March 8, 2016 

Jerusalem: The Bethesda Pool

Jerusalem: The Bethesda Pool today

Don’t act so surprised at all this, Jesus tells us. And so we reflect on the mystery and miracles that surround us, seeking to better understand these verses.

We are pardoned and healed by God who is merciful and just.

We are given a clear sign of God’s eternal goodness and truth. 

We receive additional testimony about the source of this goodness and truth. 

We are shown a door to the life we all desire.

And we are given the option to enter into a new life or to strike out on our own.

We need not wait until the next world to experience peace and serenity or to take down the defenses we have so carefully built around us.  The world of mystery and miracles is one in which we already live . . . we have only to be open to it.

We, like the crippled and lame who wait by the pool at Bethesda, have been freed . . . although we might not see it. 

We, like those who plot to kill Jesus, have heard this good news . . . although we might not acknowledge it. 

We, like those who sent emissaries to John, have heard further testimony about this new king and kingdom . . . although we might not admit it.

We, like those who do not believe the writings or the words, have experienced the healing hand of Christ . . . although we might not concede it.

As we discover our willingness to acknowledge mystery and miracle in our lives, we transform our thinking with this week’s Lenten practice. Rather than thinking: “God’s generosity is sometimes not fair,” let us think instead, “When we put away the past and follow God’s example of enormous generosity, we are better able to welcome the lost back home into the kingdom . . . and to give thanks for our own part in God’s great rejoicing”. 

Tomorrow, a prayer to understand the mystery and miracle of Jesus in our lives. 

A Favorite from May 6, 2010.

Explore a website that presents more information about the Bethesda Pool in Jerusalem

Image from: http://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/biblical-sites-places/jerusalem/the-bethesda-pool-site-of-one-of-jesus%E2%80%99-miracles/

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