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John 8:31-42: Truth and Freedom

Wednesday, March 15, 2023truth set free

Jesus says: The truth will set you free.

Many of us believe that truth must be told at all times and at all cost. Others hold that the truth can be painful and so make allowances for small inventions that ease or ruin feelings and relationships. Little white lies, we are told, soften the rough edges of life and moderate rough patches we experience. Today we are invited to examine The Truth that Jesus opens to us. The Truth that transforms and even releases. The Truth that liberates and exhorts. What can this truth and this freedom possibly look like?

God says: I have called you away from the dead end of self-involvement with the hope that you will see the beauty of my kingdom. The hope I place in you is that you welcome the balm of my love and take it in fully. I have faith that you will allow my love to travel through you to release you from your small worries and enormous burdens. My son teaches you how to give in to this love. He shows you a life that acts in full freedom through me. I have created you for fullness in me rather than the world. I have formed you for high purpose and noble deeds. I have shaped you for deep love and infinite commitment. This is the truth I offer you. This is the truth that will fully free you.

IMG_0095The freedom from illness and violence. The truth that is bold yet gentle. A parent who protects and guides. A brother who shepherds and heals. A lover who gives in to no turmoil or pain. This is the truth and freedom we seek. It is the truth and freedom we already possess. It is the truth and freedom that we find in God’s kingdom of love.

Moving away from the path that ends in nothing to the path that brings us life, we remember our Lenten practice. Rather than thinking: “I will set all things right in God’s kingdom,” let us think instead, “I will strive each day to follow Jesus’ example of forgiveness, mercy and love”.

Tomorrow, over the edge.

Images from: https://philosophynews.com/what-is-truth/ and http://lookingintothelawofliberty.com/2014/10/08/what-does-jesus-mean-by-the-truth-will-set-you-free-and-what-does-that-freedom-look-like/

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