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Abraham Bloemaert: The Emmaus Disciples

Abraham Bloemaert: The Emmaus Disciples

Easter is an eight day celebration beginning on Easter Sunday, running through the Easter Octave and ending on the Second Sunday of Easter. This tradition reflects the joy the early apostles felt as they experienced the new presence of the Risen Christ. Jesus offers us this same experience today. Wishing all those who follow the Noontimes a graced and peace-filled Easter Friday.

April 25, 2014 Luke 24:13-22 

God is so infinitely good to give us multiple opportunities to see the full measure of the promise held out to us. Jesus is the patient brother who journeys with us even when we cannot see him. The Spirit never abandons her hope for us who live in a world that rejects her consolation and compassion. The goodness of God’s plan brings us many Emmaus experiences in our resurrection journey. Let us ready our ears and open our eyes. Let us admit to our own slowness of heart in accepting what stands before us. Let us put down roots in the word that has been planted within. Let us be glad in the miracle of Easter, and share the good news that Christ is risen in each of us today.

Learn more about the Emmaus experience at the Easter Friday 2013 post on this blog at: https://thenoontimes.com/2013/04/05/slowness-of-heart/

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