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Friday, September 6, 2019

A Basque Shepherd

Ezekiel 34:16The lost I will seek out, the strayed I will bring back, the injured I will bind up, the sick I will heal, shepherding them rightly.   

We know shepherds who only look out for themselves . . . they are rightly powerful and self-sufficient.

We know shepherds whose only concern is the appearance they make . . . they are rightly dressed.

We know shepherds who are poor stewards of God’s gifts . . . they are rightly self-centered.

None of these shepherds rightly.

God says: I know that you see many in power who mock me and my precepts.  They seem to get away with bad living.   I know that they do not shepherd my people rightly.  That is why I shepherd each of you personally.  I try to steer you toward the good shepherds I have sent to you.  Look for them.  They will be wearing my sign . . . and they will be behave as Jesus behaves. 

When we become frustrated with some of our shepherds we must God to intervene.  We must always remember that with God all things are possible.  And we must remember that when we try to solve all problems on our own, we behave as the poor shepherds do.  We demonstrate a lack of faith on God’s will.  Let us help one another to shepherd rightly . . . for this is the harvest God looks forward to reaping – the fruits of all those who shepherd rightly.

The Basque people in southern France and northern Spain are well-known for their skills as shepherds.  To read more about the Basque people, their culture, and their presence in the American west, click on the image above or go to: http://trickfist.com/content/dirjournal/basque-dining-in-america-ethnic-food-out-west/

A re-post from August 16, 2012.

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