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Psalm 103: Two Sons and Their Fatherprodigal-son-11

Monday, March 21, 2022

Psalm 103 is one we might pray when we jealousy begins to creep into our lives. Psalm 103 reminds us that we are not the generators or creators of the goodness that blesses us. In Luke 15:1-32 we read the story of the prodigal son or, as some call it, the parable of the forgiving father. Today we consider the envy that rises up in the forgotten son.

The jealousy experienced by the straying son draws him away from the father and toward a life of dissipation. The jealousy felt by the son who stays home, leads him away from understanding the infinite mercy and generosity of his father. It seems that no matter which course we take in life, we are susceptible to wanting that which is not meant to be ours.

When we feel jealousy and turn to thank God for what we have rather than becoming sad or finding a way to have what it is not ours, we enter the plan of conversion that God has in mind for us. We enter into God’s grace. We also enter into God’s conversion of harm to goodness.

Today as we thank God for what is ours and give back to God what is not ours, we pray the intercessions from last evening’s prayer.

Seeking the generosity of God our Father, we pray to him:  Deliver us from jealousy. 

When we see the good fortune of others, let us rejoice in their happiness. Deliver us from jealousy. 

When we see our own shortcomings, let us not despise those who excel in areas where we are lacking.  Deliver us from jealousy. 

When we feel jealous, let us be happy with the gifts God has given us and not covet that which is not rightfully ours.  Deliver us from jealousy. 


For a Lenten activity, use a search engine to find image of the prodigal son story and reflect on these two siblings and their generous father. Let us imagine that we were present in this drama and then consider what role we would play. And when evening arrives, let us again read Psalm 103 and thank God for the blessings so generously bestowed on all of creation.

Cameron, Peter John. “Prayer for the Evening.” MAGNIFICAT. 14.4 (2009). Print.  

Adapted from a reflection written on March 14, 2009.

Image from: http://rationalfaiths.com/prodigal-son/

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